Vine Leaves with Olive Oil

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These vine leaves are stuffed with rice and tomatoes.

Sunwhite® White Medium-Grain Calrose Rice

Sunwhite® White Medium-Grain Calrose Rice

Sunwhite® Calrose Rice is an oval medium-grain white rice known for its quality and taste. When cooked, Calrose rice becomes soft and tender with a tendency to stick together due to its succulent grains, allowing it to retain its moisture. Sunwhite® Calrose Rice is used in dishes that require a bit more creaminess as well as a side dish to compliment almost every meal. Its versatility means that it can be used in everything from starters and soups to desserts. For best results, rinse this rice with cold water. Drain well before cooking. All rice is naturally gluten-free. 4kg and 9kg packages are available in Jordan only.

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Ingredients to serve:

  • 1 Vine Leaves

  • 3 cup Medium Grain Rice

  • 4 Tomatoes

  • Parsley

  • ½ cup Olive Oil

  • Salt

  • 1 Peppers

  • Mint

  • 1 Lemon

Medium Grain

White medium grain rice is a round, tender and succulent grain, allowing it to lock in moisture when it is cooked. This rice is often used in dishes that require a bit more creaminess, like paella or risotto. It is also ideal in your favourite Middle Eastern, Korean and Spanish dishes.








Photo of Vine Leaves with Olive Oil


  • Rinse the rice.

  • Wash the parsley and chop it.

  • Cut the tomatoes into small pieces.

  • Mix all the ingredients together.

  • Roll out the grape paper, discard the veins and stuff it with rice mixture and finger paper.

  • In the cooking bowl, soak in the bottom single grape paper or potato slices, sprinkle on top with some olive oil, then stack on top the stuffed grape paper fingers on layers.

  • In a bowl blend water, olive oil, lemon juice and salt, then pour them into the bowl so that the water level covers all layers of grape paper.

  • Cover the Vine leaf finger rolls with a small heat-safe plate so that the Rolled fingers do not unwrap

  • Put 3 cups of water with half a teaspoon of salt so that the water covers the paper and its quantity does not rise above the paper.

  • Put the pot on the fire until it boils and leave for an hour and a half, cool and pour in a serving dish, decorate with potato rings and serve.

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