Al basha w asakro

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Al basha w asakro is a creamy Syrian dish that blends yogurt with kibbeh and shish barak for a tasty and nutritious midday meal.

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Ingredients to serve:

  • 1 kg Minced Meat

  • 1 kg Fine Bulgur

  • 1 Large Onion

  • 1 tsp White Pepper

  • 1 tsp Salt

  • 2 cup Flour

  • ¾ cup Water

  • 1 tsp Salt

  • ½ tsp Sugar

  • 1 kg Minced Meat

  • 1 Large Onion

  • 1 tsp Salt

  • 1 tsp 7 Spices

  • ½ tsp Black Pepper

  • 1 kg Yogurt

  • 1 Egg

  • 6 tsp Starch

  • 1 tsp Salt

  • Tarragon (optional)

Medium Grain

White medium grain rice is a round, tender and succulent grain, allowing it to lock in moisture when it is cooked. This rice is often used in dishes that require a bit more creaminess, like paella or risotto. It is also ideal in your favourite Middle Eastern, Korean and Spanish dishes.








Photo of Al basha w asakro


  • First, we start with the kibbeh, wash the bulgur well, drain it from water, and leave it for half an hour

  • Prepare the kibbeh machine and put the bulgur, meat, onion, white pepper, and salt, and grind the ingredients with the machine approximately three times until they mix with each other.

  • In a non-stick frying pan, fry the chopped onions with little oil over a medium heat until the onions soften

  • Add the meat to the onions, seven spices, black pepper, and salt, and stir the meat until it is completely cooked

  • Shape the kibbeh and stuff them with the meat.

  • Sift the flour and put it in a bowl. Add salt to it and mix well.

  • In another bowl, put water, add the yeast and sugar to it. Stir the ingredients well until the sugar dissolves and leave it for ten minutes.

  • After ten minutes, make a hole in the middle of the flour, add water, and yeast to it, and continue kneading until you have a cohesive dough.

  • Stretch the dough and cut it into circles of medium size. Put the filling inside each circle and close it well.

  • Put the shish barak and the kibbeh in a tray greased with vegetable oil and put it in the oven for ten minutes.

  • Now prepare the yogurt in a clean bowl. Put the yogurt, the egg and the salt and stir the ingredients until they mix well.

  • Prepare a large clean pot and add the yogurt after filtering it with a fine strainer and put it on medium heat while continuing to stir until it becomes thick.

  • Add the white pepper and keep stirring.

  • Add the kibbeh and shish barak to the yogurt and put them on a low heat for twenty minutes. Stir carefully.

  • Garnish with tarragon and serve with Sunwhite Rice.

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